For all your SEO and marketing needs

We integrate with your Google Analytics and Ad words accounts.

Anyone can preform SEO, but we watch each element closely to see what effects your SEO campaigns are achieving or in fact not achieving. So we can implement changes fast and effectively.

How do you acquire users?

We use this data to help drive more traffic to your site

Where are your users?

We use this data to create custom campaigns to target these users

When do your users visit?

We use this data to pin point exactly when you should spend on your PPC campaigns.

What our customers have to say?

“Slick Marketing really helped us take our Furniture Business to the next level 89% of our sales used to come from instore and now 92% of our sales are from our website. We could have never achieved this without the guys at Slick Marketing.”

Hannah Murphy

Managing Director

What our customers have to say?

“We were spending over £5000 a month on PPC and receiving mainly consumer traffic which didn’t convert as we are a wholesaler. After Slick Marketing took over our PPC campaigns our monthly spend has halved and we are receiving relevant traffic.”

Mohammad Ahklaq

eCommerce Manager

What our customers have to say?

“Our website is very niche, and we find driving relevant traffic to our site is very difficult. We have run several very successful social media campaigns with Slick Marketing with great ROI’s. They are very easy to work with we set a budget and leave them to create the results. ”

Sarah Hall

Managing Director

Our SEO Services

On Page SEO

We can alter the content on your site to make sure Google indexes you at your best.

Content Marketing

We will create amazing content that can be published on your website or other articles sites.

Backlink Building

We can build the external backlink to your site that will drive Google rankings up.

Keyword Research

Using lots of factors we will find the perfect keywords to rank your website.

Social Media

We can create and manage your social media accounts making sure you have the right content for your users.

PPC Campaigns

We can manage your PPC accounts for you and make sure they are optmised to get you the best ROI's.


Our trusted partners

We concentrate on what we know SEO, so we have some great trusted partners that we recommend for other services.